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Design Studio is a creative agency: brand, advertising, digital, marketing.
We think, we design, we execute. We get results. You get the picture.

We've successfully been in this business since 2006, and have worked with some of  DELHI-NCR's most ambitious brands, from household names to innovated small-Medium Companies.

Our agency mantra: Where next? guides our thinking.

It reminds us every day that standing still isn't an option.
Our clients, their markets, our people and our business needs to continually evolve.
Asking this question in everything, we ensure that we're always challenging,
always curious.

What to Expect

After 10 years, we've finally worked out why our clients rate us so highly.
It's the consistent and dogged application of these three traits…


You know that magic moment when you meet people
who ask the right questions, offer the sharpest opinions,
who demonstrate emotional and rational intelligence
and build on your own knowledge?
It sounds big headed, but we've worked obsessively to put
in place the brightest people in the business.


A meeting with us should be the highlight
of your week. We love the difference
we can make, and we enjoy getting our teams
and our clients fired up whenever we can. We're a company
with a soul and love to express ourselves.


Ok, so we're clever and energetic. But that's not
enough – everything we do in craft speaks volumes.
It's not just about the creative and production either.
It's everything – your whole experience with
Design Studio from initial contact to delivery.


There's only so much a website can tell you. If you'd like to experience a bit of what you've seen here, these are the people to speak to.

As a Creative group, we are dedicated to coming up with inventive ways to brand your work. Through product development and innovation, our creative team identifies the optimal ways to develop and market each idea, all while respecting the integrity of the client and the product. Using online marketing and effective communications, we connect your work with its target audience, helping you build and grow your passions into a successful business model.

Our mission at Creative Marketing Experts is to help great ideas, projects, and products move from the mind to the marketplace. We strongly believe that no idea is too small, and with our expertise, we will help you develop yours into its full commercial potential

Santu Singh
Director Creative Art 

“Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity involves two processes: thinking, then producing. Innovation is the production or implementation of a creative idea. If you have ideas, but don’t act on them, you are imaginative but not creative.”

The in house production unit has and shall continue to play a major role in product/services and concept marketing for many more years to come. The inhouse printing services had sensed the market demand for high clarity and visually impactful marketing material quite some years ago.

This led to a revolutionary transformation in the 4 methods at production house before the others could even think about them. The 4 Methods we are talking about are Machinery, men, method and the purpose.

Tarun Arora
Director Administration & Production

“We are a passionate design development agency. It is pure passion, creativity and zeal that drive us to innovate and produce the best of designs. We identify new ways to serve and support people by uncovering latent needs, behaviors, and desires.”

Kamal Arora
Director Content & Execution

An accomplished advertising and commercial photographer, over 20 years of experience in image development, creation and delivery.

Aimed at high-end advertising and corporate clients seeking new and groundbreaking imagery; specialized in hotel, architectural, interiors, resorts and documentary photography.

He shoots high end hotels, resorts, advertising campaigns, and also does documentary projects and coffee table books; also a learning and mentoring portal for those wanting to increase their skill set in photography and maintain and run a photographic business.

Dinesh Gaur
Creative Photography


Contact us to discover your where next.

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